Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Korra Book 3 Trailers

The Legend of Korra

What do you do when Nickelodeon Mexico accidentally airs episodes of The Legend of Korra Book 3? Make a fan trailer of course! Youtube user Bigby Wolf has compiled footage of the show that is making us drool in anticipation.


This looks like it's going to be a pretty heady season. A lot of the action seems to take place all over the world of Avatar rather than just in Republic City, which makes me nostalgic for the Adventures of Aang. In the hitherto unvisited Earth Kingdom, we see some new characters, including a boy who can enigmatically use air bending and a large man with a scar above his left eye who, based on his moves with a staff, might be able to air bend as well. Bolin meets an attractive lady who appears to be an Earthbender (come on Bolin, get some!). Lin Bei Fong seems to have some sort of flashbacks about attacking her sister with whom she had beef, resulting in her scar. There is a sparky sparky boom gal, and yes, we finally get an appearance from the Fire Lord himself, Zuko. We even get to see a red, fire breathing dragon streak across the sky. Of course, all this leaves us with more questions than answers, but damn, does it ever whet the appetite for more adventures in the world of Avatar!

EDIT: Nickelodeon has released the official trailer for Book 3.

This trailer is as enigmatic as the leaked footage trailer, but showcases some new footage that suggests that, perhaps as a result of the merging of the spirit and human realms, more people are able to bend elements they previously were unable to, or be able to bend who were previously non-benders, including Tenzin's brother Bumi. The action looks amazing. With the sparky sparky boom gal on the scene, these trailers beg the question: who are the main antagonists this season? So many mysteries - can't wait to explore them properly when Book 3: Changes arrives on television!

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